Tuesday, February 13, 2007

September 25, 2006

Dear Sassy: Isn’t there some trick for finding old emails when I can’t remember which folder I put it in? Ways to search by subject or by sender? I seem to spend a lot of time looking through e-mails for the one I need.
~ Still searching in Shreveport

Dear Searching: Ahh… Sassy is full of tricks up her sleeve. This is a great question, anything Sassy can do to help streamline your workflow please ask! With your email (Outlook) open click on Tools and Find. This should bring up a toolbar at the top of your email folder in which you can enter terms to search.

You can choose the specific folder if you know it or you can search all mail folders. You can enter in subject, sender or a search term from the body of the email. Click Find Now to begin your search. You will receive a lot of false hits but it will help greatly narrow down the correct email in which you are searching for.

Incidentally you can also Sort your emails by sender, subject and received date. At the top of your inbox click From to sort alphabetically by sender, click Subject to sort by subject, and so on.

Dear Sassy: I have noticed that you type in a password on your machine when you have been away from your office. Why do you lock down your machine and should I?
~ Lockless in the Library

Dear Lockless: Wow! You are very observant! Sassy locks down her machine as a security measure. If someone were to access her computer while she had stepped out of her office they could not get past the password screen. If Sassy forgot to lock down her machine, her email could be accessed as well as all the files that she has on her machine. It is a very good practice to lock down your machine when you step away.

Just hit Ctrl, Alt and Delete to bring up the Security Screen. Click Lock Computer. Your machine is now locked down and will require your password to open up. This password is the same one that you log onto your machine with. Locking your computer will not affect any of the files or programs that you were working on. Everything will remain open until you close it down.

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