Tuesday, February 13, 2007

September 11, 2006

Dear Sassy: I noticed that when I put in the thumb drive that you gave me for Disaster Planning, it has your name. How did you do that?
~ Nameless in the Library

Dear Nameless: Ah ha! That is where Sassy’s missing thumb drive is! Just kidding. It is a good practice to “name” your thumb drives for identification. More to identify the thumb drive (if you have more than one) and not really to identify the owner if the thumb drive should be lost.

With the thumb drive inserted into your machine:
Right click on Start
Click on Explore
Scroll down until you find the thumb drive listed
Right click on the thumb drive
Click Rename
Type in the name you wish

Dear Sassy: I have heard the phrase “drag and drop” from several different people. What exactly does that mean and how would I use it?
~ Dragging and dropping on Kings hwy

Dear Dragging: Great question! There is more than one meaning for the phrase “drag and drop.” One version of drag and drop is a JavaScript element that allows resizing of images on the web. Another version of drag and drop is a method to move or copy files. Sassy is betting that the second version is the one you would like to know about.

Here are the directions for dragging and dropping files:
Press, and hold down, the left button on the mouse, to "grab" the file,
"Drag" the file/cursor to the desired location,
"Drop" the file by releasing the button.
And there you have “Drag and Drop” as another method for moving or copying files/folders.

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