Friday, September 19, 2008

Spam in my Email

Dear Sassy: I have been having problems with spam in my email. Normally it is one or two a day but this morning I had over 30 spam email messages in my inbox. Yikes! What is going on?
~Not so Spamalicious

Dear Spamalicious:
Wow! That is a lot of spam! Let's see if Sassy can help with this problem. Sassy made a few phone calls to computer services to obtain their expert opinion. They state that the spam blocker is still active and if you are receiving spam to forward the spam to Sassy's two cents - during disaster periods spam blocking is not high priority so keep that in mind.

Let's make sure that we our settings are right... Open Outlook, click on Tools > Email Accounts > View or Change existing email accounts > Next > Change. Make sure that the Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked and click Finish. If you made any changes you will need to close Outlook and reopen to activate the changes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sharing distribution lists

Dear Sassy: How do I share a distribution list? I have got a huge list in my contacts that I would like to pass along to my colleagues. Surely we do not have to enter in the entire list by hand - right?
~Trying to distribute my distribution list

Dear Trying:
Oh my heavens no! There is a much easier way to share your distribution list! Ok, open up Outlook, click on File > New Mail Message. This will open up a new message. Click on the little down arrow by the paperclip and select Item. Navigate to your Contacts, select the distribution list you would like to share and click Ok. Finish your email message and send. Now, for the recepient of the distribution list instructions are also available on
Sassy's blog.

New stationery in email

Dear Sassy: I would like to have a new stationery for my emails. I have created a template that I would like to use. I've also seen ones on that I would like to download and use as well. I have noticed that there are some ones already on my computer but I would like something new. Is this possible?

Dear Stationless: This is a technologically advanced question. Good job in keeping up with trends! Ok, so you have created a new stationery - most stationerys are either html or image based - and you want to have it in your email. Or you have downloaded a stationery from that you would like to use. First we need to save it in the appropriate place: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery. Once it is saved we can then use it in our emails.

So, open up Outlook and click Actions > New Mail Message Using > More Stationery. Scroll down to select your new stationery. Once you have done this your new stationery will now appear in the drop down menu and you will not need the More Stationery - unless you want to change your stationery.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Print Station

Dear Sassy: I have noticed that we have a new print station in the small lab. How does it work? Can we print from the small lab to the large lab and vice versa?
~More Printing

Dear More: Grand observation on your part! Yes, we now have printers in both labs. We have had printing in both labs previously but now we have separate printers for each lab. This means while students are deep in training in the large lab, patrons can still print. Currently each lab can only print to their respective printer. So patrons in the large lab can only print to the printer in the large lab ~ same goes for the small lab. The new system set up in the small lab is just like to the one in the large lab and also uses the GoPrint software. Currently the touch screen monitor is not a touch screen but the mouse and keyboard are available, and the monitor should be operational soon.

Wordperfect Files

Dear Sassy: I have a document in Wordperfect that I would like to start editing in Word. Is this even possible? These are two entirely different programs.
~Creating a new newsletter

Dear Creating: Most certainly you can edit your Wordperfect file in Word! First, your file needs to be converted so that the Word program can read your Wordperfect file. One way to do that is to open up your file in Wordperfect. Click File > Save As and change the File Type to MS Word. Now you should be able to open your document in Word. Another way to convert your file is to install the converter. After you have installed the converter open up Word and your original document. At that time your document will be converted from Wordperfect to Word. Here is the official word from Microsoft.