Thursday, January 22, 2009

Email on my iPhone

Dear Sassy: Can I access my LSUHSC email on my iPhone?
~ET phone home

Dear ET: Of course! You can access your LSUHSC email on your iPhone as well as your contacts and calendar. Here is a complete list of instructions as well as the configuration files you will need: You can also set up your iPhone to access the WiFi and VPN on campus.

Proxy 2 Server Error Message

Dear Sassy: I am trying to access LINKS on an Invision machine in the hospital. Each time I try to open it gives me a Proxy 2 Server Error Login Message. I don't have a LINKS username and password to enter. I can cancel out of it but am then unable to access the LINKS internet page. Help!?!
~Seriously another username/password?

Dear Seriously: Ahh, how Sassy feels your pain. Sassy has numerous usernames/passwords to keep up with. It can be daunting! But don't worry! In your case of trying to access LINKS (which is an internet resource) on an Invision machine - all you need is your email username/password. If for some reason you are still unable to get onto the internet - double check your email username/password. It may need to be reset or unlocked.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delete a Personal Folder in Outlook

Dear Sassy: How does one delete a personal folder in Outlook?
~Outraged with Outlook!

Dear Outraged: Wow, Sassy is feeling a sense of anger and frustration with your question. Let's see if Sassy can diagnose quickly to alleviate your pain. Open up your Outlook program. Do you see your Personal Folders open? If not, click on the + sign to open. Once you have found the folder you would like to delete Right Click on it and select Delete.

Don't forget that these emails in this folder have been pulled off the server and saved to your computer. Once you delete this folder the emails will not be accessible.