Tuesday, February 13, 2007

June 26, 2006

Dear Sassy: Sometimes when I am typing a name or address in the “To:” field in my Outlook email – name(s) automatically come up. Is there a way to delete those?
~ Nameless in LA

Dear Nameless: What a great question! Occasionally Sassy has sent an email to the wrong person due to misclicking on those automatic selections. How embarrassing for Sassy! However, there is a quick fix for to avoid this embarrassment. While you are typing a name or address in the “To:” field if there are other names that begin with the same letter sequence you will receive an option to select one.

If you would like to delete one or all of these options, use the arrow key on your keyboard to select the one you would like to delete and press “Delete” on your keyboard. Remember, deleting this entry from this window will not delete the name/address from your Address Book.

Dear Sassy: In a previous column you talked about the difference between Windows updates and Office updates. I didn’t understand exactly what you were talking about. I mean, my computer is set to automatically update – I shouldn’t have to do anything else regarding updating … right?
~ Confused in the Library

Dear Confused: Sassy appreciates your honesty with being confused about a previous entry. Please at anytime if something doesn’t make sense let Sassy know (sometimes Sassy gets off her medication). Since Microsoft is in both of the names (Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office) Sassy can definitely see how it would be confusing. Your computer is set to automatically update Windows. This is the operating system for your machine – the big cheese – the big kahuna – where the rubber meets the road… Whew! The Office updates are for your Office products: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Office is a “Family” of programs that when placed on your computer will need updates just like we discussed with Adobe Acrobat. Please refer to a previous column for explicit instructions on updating Office. Even though both of these entities are Microsoft based, they require separate updating. Windows updates automatically while Office requires manual intervention. Sassy hopes that this helped to clarify any confusion that you may have had regarding Microsoft Windows vs. Office, if it didn’t please let me know.

As always, if you would like a member of the Systems Department to assist you with this or any other problem, please let us know.

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