Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email on Droid

Dear Sassy: Can I set up my Droid to receive my emails?

Dear Droidalicious: Thanks for sending in a question to Sassy! It feels good to dust of the old keyboard... Yes, you most definitely can set up your email on your Droid. Sassy has the HTC Droid while Mr. Sassy has the Motorola Droid. Here is some information from the
Verizon site to help you set up your non LSUHSC email.

To set up your LSUHSC email... and your calendar and contacts. Select the Exchange mail option for the new account. (You can only have one exchange account on your phone.) Insert your email address (, the server address (, domain (lsumc-master), username (userid) and your password. Check the box for This server requires an encrypted SSL connection.

You have now set up your LSUHSC email! Yeah!!