Tuesday, February 13, 2007

October 10, 2006

Dear Sassy: I found an article in PubMed but there isn’t a LSUHSC-S icon on the PubMed screen. The e-journal is listed on our e-journals page and my article falls between the years of coverage. Why isn’t there an icon in PubMed and who should I contact?
~ Icon missing in the Library

Dear Icon: This is a great question but not necessarily an easy one to answer. There can be several reasons that the icon in PubMed is missing. Not all of the journals and/or publishers are listed in LinkOut, which feeds our holdings into PubMed. So therefore if the journal and/or publisher is not listed then our icon will not be present. Make sense?

Plus Ebsco likes to control its own PubMed icons. When our holdings change through Ebsco, they are responsible for updating LinkOut. Also when our holdings change with other publishers there is a delay in getting PubMed updated. Sometimes we are notified by the publisher about these changes but other times we aren’t so lucky..

Now as far as who you are to contact when you come across a record in PubMed that should have our LSUHSC-S icon… that lucky individual is our own Montie’ Dobbins. Applause… Applause… Hmm, Sassy may owe Montie’ chocolate for this announcement. But seriously just send Montie’ an email with the e-journal title, year and if possible the PMID. The more you send her the more informed she will be in tackling the problem.

Dear Sassy: I have noticed the Reach Out and Read donation box by the Circulation desk. I know that we can place books in this box for the ROR but how would I make a monetary donation?
~ Dollars for ROR

Dear Dollars: Thanks for the question, this is a little off topic for Sassy but still very pertinent to the Library. I spoke with resident ROR Queen Kerri Christopher for guidance in answering your question. She suggested filling out the United Way Donation slip that was included with your payroll stub and marking 51. LSUHSC-S Reach Out and Read Program as the recipient of your gift. You can designate a one time or a continuous gift.

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