Wednesday, November 15, 2006

April 24, 2006

Dear Sassy: I would like to change my login password on my work machine. How would I do that?
~Password Stuck at LSU

Dear Stuck: Great question! We in the systems department are glad you would like to keep your password updated on your computer. Thankfully Computer Services Help Desk has created a web version to update your email and you will find it here:

Once you complete the form and select “Change Password” the page will refresh. The page will now have in bright red letters under the “Change Password” button that you were successful in changing your password. You will also receive an email from security reminding you that you changed your password. You will NOT have to log off and log back in with your new password to continue working.

Dear Sassy: I recently received this email from a patron: “You guys set up a proxy account for me a while back and I can access the databases and e-journals from home. I absolutely love this feature of accessing everything from home! However, I do have one problem... I previously could access UpToDate from home but lately I have not been able to get it to work. What has happened?” How should I respond to this patron?
~UpToDate Blues in Shreveport

Dear Blues: Glad to know that patrons are using the library’s resources from home! UpToDate has licensing restrictions that require its users to be on campus. At one time there was an error occurring that allowed individuals from off campus to access UpToDate. However, that error has been fixed and you now physically have to be on campus to access UpToDate.