Tuesday, February 13, 2007

January 22, 2007

Dear Sassy: I know that my personal folders in my email do not count against my allotted email space. But what about items in the Sent folder and the Recycle Bin? Do these items count against me?
~ Lost in Syracuse

Dear Lost: Great job on remembering that personal folders DO NOT count against your allotted email space. Unfortunately, items in the Sent folder and the Recycle Bin do count against your space. Don’t forget that items in your Inbox and your Drafts count as well. So every now and then you need to clean out your email folders. If you can’t bear to delete it, put it in a personal folder.

Dear Sassy: I can’t seem to log into one of the machines in the computer lab. I am using the username/password that is on the screen: username “WKS23” and password “public” plus the domain is set to “LSUMC-MASTER.” What am I doing wrong?
~ Locked Out in the Computer Lab

Dear Locked Out: Sassy is SO glad that you are trying to keep all the machines up and running in the computer lab. Sometimes patrons log out of the computers. Not that they are required too, it just sometimes happens. If you have tried the correct username/password and domain combination on the machine and are unable to log in, please let a member of Systems know. Just like on your own machine, if 3 unsuccessful attempts have been made at logging on to the machine it locks down and requires resetting from Computer Services.

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