Friday, December 1, 2006

May 22, 2006

Dear Sassy: Is there an easy way to search a website for a certain word or phrase? And could I also search a Word document?
~ Control less at LSU

Dear Control less: Excellent questions! There is in fact an easy way to search a website for a certain word or phrase. You will want to use the shortcut key of “Find” (Ctrl F) to search. Hold down the “Ctrl” key and press the letter “F” on the keyboard. This should bring up a search box in which you can enter you word or phrase. If you are using Internet Explorer the box should appear in the middle of the screen.

However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox the search box will appear at the bottom of the page. Nonetheless a search box will appear using the shortcut key of Ctrl F. This shortcut key will work in your Word and WordPerfect documents, and other programs as well.

You might be thinking – thanks Sassy, but how am I ever going to remember Ctrl F for searching? Well… If you select the Edit option from your toolbar you will see “Find” with “Ctrl+F” beside it. You will also see other options with their shortcuts listed out beside them. For example: Select All = Ctrl+A, Copy = Ctrl+C, Paste = Ctrl+V, Save = Ctrl+S, and so on. Even if you happen to forget the shortcut keys, you can always refer to your toolbar for assistance.

Dear Sassy: I have noticed that my computer is set to automatically update Windows. Do I need to update my Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) software as well?
~ Update or not to update? in the library

Dear Update: Glad to know that your computer is updating Windows on a regular basis! But what impresses Sassy the most is that you are aware that it is updating – great job! You do want to keep your Microsoft Office software up to date – this will increase the stability and security of your machine. (And we all like to be stable and secure!)

In order to run these updates you will need to open an Internet browser window. Once that is open click on “Tools” on your toolbar and then “Windows update.” Once the new window opens you should have “Office Family” as one of the tabs at the top of the page. Click on “Office Family.” On the top left of the screen you should see “Office Update” and under that “Check for Updates.” Click on “Check for Updates.” If updates are listed, go ahead and click on “Agree and Install.” Occasionally a screen will pop up asking if you have the Office CD – go ahead and say “Yes” normally it does not require the CD for installation but if it does, I have a copy in my office.

You will need to run the Microsoft Office update every few weeks. Office does not put out as many updates as Windows does so it does not need to be run as frequently. If you would like a reminder set up on your machine, please let me know and I can assist you with that or with running your updates.

May 8, 2006

Dear Sassy: I am having trouble remembering to back up my files. I see the link you created on my desktop – I just forget to click on it. When I finally do remember to back everything up – I have forgotten how to do it! Help!!
~ Forgotten How to Back Up at LSU

Dear Forgotten: Backing up your files is a very good habit to get into. If you are having trouble remembering to do it, we can set up a reminder through Microsoft Outlook. This reminder can be set at the frequency that you choose.

Most people back up on a monthly basis. However, if you have some very important files that you have been working on - you might want to consider backing them up on a more regular basis.

Once you are ready to back up your files let us know. We in the Systems Department would be glad to walk you through the steps in which to back up your files.

Dear Sassy: We have had several questions about playing music on the public computers. Do we have computers that have sound? If so, which ones are they?
~ Soundless on Kings Hwy

Dear Soundless: You have brought up two very important points about sound on the public computers. The computers in the library are for academic and educational use only. So… playing music on the computers is not allowed. However, there are some cases where patrons need to use the sound for a viable reason. For example, there is a CD at the Circulation Desk that patrons can listen to different heart sounds.

Currently there are three machines that allow sound through headphones. They are: lib 15 (in the reference area) and the two scanner machines. If you find that there is a large demand for sound on the computers, please let Systems know and we can designate more computers for sound.

Don’t forget that headphones can be checked out from the Circulation Desk.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

April 24, 2006

Dear Sassy: I would like to change my login password on my work machine. How would I do that?
~Password Stuck at LSU

Dear Stuck: Great question! We in the systems department are glad you would like to keep your password updated on your computer. Thankfully Computer Services Help Desk has created a web version to update your email and you will find it here:

Once you complete the form and select “Change Password” the page will refresh. The page will now have in bright red letters under the “Change Password” button that you were successful in changing your password. You will also receive an email from security reminding you that you changed your password. You will NOT have to log off and log back in with your new password to continue working.

Dear Sassy: I recently received this email from a patron: “You guys set up a proxy account for me a while back and I can access the databases and e-journals from home. I absolutely love this feature of accessing everything from home! However, I do have one problem... I previously could access UpToDate from home but lately I have not been able to get it to work. What has happened?” How should I respond to this patron?
~UpToDate Blues in Shreveport

Dear Blues: Glad to know that patrons are using the library’s resources from home! UpToDate has licensing restrictions that require its users to be on campus. At one time there was an error occurring that allowed individuals from off campus to access UpToDate. However, that error has been fixed and you now physically have to be on campus to access UpToDate.