Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Email ID

Dear Sassy: When I open up an email to send to you I begin to type in your Email ID (aledge) but aander pops up. How can I get correct that? Plus I have a whole lot more email ID's pop up that I don't ever use - can I get rid of those?
~Name Change

Dear Name: Great question! Sassy has a lot of those email ID's pop up on her machine - they can be quite annoying can't they? So let's get rid of them, this will also "fix" aander. Open up a new email and begin to type my user id. After inputting an "a" a list should appear. Use your keyboard arrow keys to highlight those you wish to delete from this list. (Note - You are not deleting them from your Contacts) Now click delete on your keyboard. This will remove those entries that are invalid or just cluttering up your system. Now after you have removed aander - type in aledge and send me an email. Next time you want to send me an email type in aledge in your email ID and my name will pop up.