Tuesday, February 13, 2007

October 30, 2006

Dear Sassy: I saw the new release for Internet Explorer 7 on the Shreveport E-announcements page. According to the announcement we are NOT supposed to download this update. I currently have the little yellow shield down in the bottom right hand corner of my screen that says I have updates to install. Can I install these or does it have Internet Explorer 7?
~ IE 7 updates in Question

Dear IE 7: Sassy is impressed that you are receiving your E-announcements and reading them! Great job! Currently you don’t have anything to worry about regarding Internet Explorer 7. We at LSUHSC-S are not installing this product at this time.

Dear Sassy: I was helping a patron the other day using the printers in the lab. One of the printers had gone down and was not working. Even though there was a sign directing the user to print to the lone working printer, they accidentally sent their print job to the non-working printer. The patron had already released the print job from the release station and paid for it. What do I do now? Does the patron need to reprint their print job and pay for it again?
~ Broke down in Printer land

Dear Broke: Oh how Sassy knows your pain! Please let me know anytime a patron has done this. It can be very frustrating for the staff and for the patron who has already paid for their print job and they can’t get it to print. Sassy can redirect the print job using the GoPrint software and send their print job to a working printer. This is a fast process and keeps the patron from having to pay twice for their print job.

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