Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My printer cartridge is successfully installed...

Dear Sassy: Each time I print a document, I receive this message: New HP Photo Print Cartridge successfully installed. I have to click OK then a second and third message appears after which I have to click OK. The second message is: New HP Tri-color Cartridge successfully installed. The third message is: New HP Black Cartridge successfully installed.

It is really obnoxious to receive this message each time I print and then to have to say OK three times to get the message off my screen.
~Installed, Installed, Installed

Dear Installed: Wow! Sassy senses your frustration. Glad to hear that your printer is still printing - even if it is giving you an annoying message. Sounds like you have a registry problem going on where the data value of the Printer is stuck on 1. Sassy doesn't advise editing your registry... so please give Computer Services a call at 5-5470 option#2 and they will be able to fix you right up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Storage limit for our email

Dear Sassy: What is the maximum storage limit on our microsoft access email account?
~Over the Limit

Dear Limit: Sassy made a call to confirm the storage limit for our email accounts... Drum roll, please.... Most of us (students and staff) have 100 MB of storage space, while faculty have 200 MB of space. Sassy just checked her email account and has just under 35 MB of email on the server. Yeah!! Sassy is very good about developing personal folders and keeping her inbox count low.

If you are curious to see how much space your email is taking up… Open up your Microsoft Outlook program and in your Folder list Right click on Mailbox [your last name, first name] and then Click on Properties. This will open a new screen with the General Tab selected Click on Folder size… at the top there should be a Total size listed as well as a breakdown of each folder size underneath.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email on Droid

Dear Sassy: Can I set up my Droid to receive my emails?

Dear Droidalicious: Thanks for sending in a question to Sassy! It feels good to dust of the old keyboard... Yes, you most definitely can set up your email on your Droid. Sassy has the HTC Droid while Mr. Sassy has the Motorola Droid. Here is some information from the
Verizon site to help you set up your non LSUHSC email.

To set up your LSUHSC email... and your calendar and contacts. Select the Exchange mail option for the new account. (You can only have one exchange account on your phone.) Insert your email address (, the server address (, domain (lsumc-master), username (userid) and your password. Check the box for This server requires an encrypted SSL connection.

You have now set up your LSUHSC email! Yeah!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Email on my iPhone

Dear Sassy: Can I access my LSUHSC email on my iPhone?
~ET phone home

Dear ET: Of course! You can access your LSUHSC email on your iPhone as well as your contacts and calendar. Here is a complete list of instructions as well as the configuration files you will need: You can also set up your iPhone to access the WiFi and VPN on campus.

Proxy 2 Server Error Message

Dear Sassy: I am trying to access LINKS on an Invision machine in the hospital. Each time I try to open it gives me a Proxy 2 Server Error Login Message. I don't have a LINKS username and password to enter. I can cancel out of it but am then unable to access the LINKS internet page. Help!?!
~Seriously another username/password?

Dear Seriously: Ahh, how Sassy feels your pain. Sassy has numerous usernames/passwords to keep up with. It can be daunting! But don't worry! In your case of trying to access LINKS (which is an internet resource) on an Invision machine - all you need is your email username/password. If for some reason you are still unable to get onto the internet - double check your email username/password. It may need to be reset or unlocked.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delete a Personal Folder in Outlook

Dear Sassy: How does one delete a personal folder in Outlook?
~Outraged with Outlook!

Dear Outraged: Wow, Sassy is feeling a sense of anger and frustration with your question. Let's see if Sassy can diagnose quickly to alleviate your pain. Open up your Outlook program. Do you see your Personal Folders open? If not, click on the + sign to open. Once you have found the folder you would like to delete Right Click on it and select Delete.

Don't forget that these emails in this folder have been pulled off the server and saved to your computer. Once you delete this folder the emails will not be accessible.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Questions for Sassy

Dear Sassy: I see that you are now LIVE on the computer services homepage, but I don't know how to submit questions without using email. If there is a way to submit a question directly from the computer services homepage listing your blog, then please let me know.
~Got More Questions...

Dear Got More: Yeah! Sassy is on the
Computer Services website. Thanks for noticing! You have made a very valid point. It is a little tricky to contact Sassy so... Sassy has added a link under her picture on her blog so you can send in your questions. You can also click on her picture - that will also send her an email. Keep your questions coming!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disk Defragment

Dear Sassy: I ran disk defragment on my computer last night. When it was finished, a message said there were 5 immovable files that could not be defragmented. What does this mean? How do I fix this problem?
~Still Fragmented

Dear Still: Sassy is sooo glad that you are running the Disk Defrag! Plus you remembered that it is a long process and ran it at night - great job! Let me start off by explaining a little about the defrag process... See the graphic below? Hypnotizing isn't it? The first image is a fragmented machine, steps are taken to move related files (or parts of files) so that they aren't separated. The ending image is a defragmented machine. Those are the basic steps to "defragging."

Sometimes files just can't be moved - like system files. These files can be moved but that is way above and beyond Sassy and really for our purposes these files can stay where they are.