Tuesday, February 13, 2007

August 28, 2006

Dear Sassy: I have seen on the news laptops spontaneously catching on fire. Are we at any risk?
~ Fire hazard in the Library

Dear Fire: Great job keeping up with the news! Just recently Apple began a recall on its batteries; previously it was Dell that implemented a recall. In the library, 99% of our laptops are Dell. In fact, all of the laptops that are used for teaching are Dell. Sassy has checked all of our laptops and we only have one that is listed in the recall. We are in the process of obtaining a new battery for that machine. So you are quite safe from flammable laptop batteries in the library.

Dear Sassy: In some emails that I receive, there is a standard looking name and address down at the bottom of the email. Do they type that information every time? Surely there is an easier way.
~ Surely on Kings Highway

Dear Surely: You have come to the right place! Of course there is an easier way to incorporate a “signature” into your emails. The name and address at the bottom of the emails is called a signature. To add a signature to your emails open up your Microsoft Outlook. Click on the top toolbar Tool > Options and then the Mail Format tab. The third section is where you can add a signature. Click on Signatures… and then New. Type the information that you would like included in your emails in the box. When you are done, click Finish. If you are satisfied with the Preview of your signature click Ok, if not, click Edit. Click the drop down menu next to Signature for New Messages and highlight your new signature. You can also choose to have the same signature (or different one) for replies and forwards. Once you have made your selections click Ok. To test, click on New message to begin composing a message your new signature should now be at the bottom of your message.

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