Monday, September 8, 2008

New Print Station

Dear Sassy: I have noticed that we have a new print station in the small lab. How does it work? Can we print from the small lab to the large lab and vice versa?
~More Printing

Dear More: Grand observation on your part! Yes, we now have printers in both labs. We have had printing in both labs previously but now we have separate printers for each lab. This means while students are deep in training in the large lab, patrons can still print. Currently each lab can only print to their respective printer. So patrons in the large lab can only print to the printer in the large lab ~ same goes for the small lab. The new system set up in the small lab is just like to the one in the large lab and also uses the GoPrint software. Currently the touch screen monitor is not a touch screen but the mouse and keyboard are available, and the monitor should be operational soon.

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