Friday, September 19, 2008

Spam in my Email

Dear Sassy: I have been having problems with spam in my email. Normally it is one or two a day but this morning I had over 30 spam email messages in my inbox. Yikes! What is going on?
~Not so Spamalicious

Dear Spamalicious:
Wow! That is a lot of spam! Let's see if Sassy can help with this problem. Sassy made a few phone calls to computer services to obtain their expert opinion. They state that the spam blocker is still active and if you are receiving spam to forward the spam to Sassy's two cents - during disaster periods spam blocking is not high priority so keep that in mind.

Let's make sure that we our settings are right... Open Outlook, click on Tools > Email Accounts > View or Change existing email accounts > Next > Change. Make sure that the Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked and click Finish. If you made any changes you will need to close Outlook and reopen to activate the changes.

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