Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007

Dear Sassy: In my Yahoo email account (from home, of course) I tried to add text to the end of a forwarded message. However, when I clicked Forward, a new window opens with the message "Note: forwarded message attached." I didn't want the message to be sent as an attachment. How can I make sure the text is in the body of an email versus an attachment?
~Linda was Left Hanging

Dear Linda:
Sassy wonders if this problem has occurred in the past or if this is a new problem? Are you able to forward some emails, but not others? Hmm, Sassy doesn't normally answer a question with more questions but I am trying to understand more of the problem.

Sassy is guessing that the email file size is too big and possibly is a setting in your email account that emails over a certain size are automatically sent as attachments. You might try looking for that setting, although Sassy would have to test a yahoo account as I don't have one...

However, a quick work around would be to copy the email text and create a new message with this text. This way you can be certain that your text is in the body of the email versus an attachment.


Anonymous said...

In Yahoo!, the [Forward] button has a down arrow that gives you the option to select sending the message as an attachment or inline text. There is a way to configure the account to automatically to one or the other, by clicking on the down arrow on the MAIL tab & selecting "Options" then under the Management column, "General Preferences" -- The section for Message Actions is what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah.... Their other option is to do a Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C on the original & paste into their message (I give this solution to folks that don't seem to follow my instructions on setting the inline option...) ~ it usually works, but I've yet to find a way to remove the tacky blue line along the left edge.....

Anonymous said...

I can forward some emails ---but, as you stated if the email file size is too big it sends it as you stated.
I did copy, forward, paste, send... as you suggested and it did attached the last line and it went through-----but it also forwarded the "too big email file" also.
I would think that there is a way around it---but, I just wondered if you knew of a quick fix.
Linda's email-file-on-top-of-email-file

Angela said...

Instead of forwarding - create a new message with the copied text. This should eliminate the attachment.