Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28, 2007

Dear Sassy: When are we going to upgrade to Windows Vista? I've seen the advertisements on television and the new Vista looks pretty cool.
~Here Vista, Vista, Vista

Dear Vista:
At this time the library does not have plans on upgrading to Windows Vista. In fact, Sassy doesn't think that LSUHSC has implemented Vista. I believe it is still in a test phase. If/when Vista is approved for release on our campus, the library will not really see a change. Most of our machines (as well as 80% of all machines in use today) are not Vista capable. Possibly WAY in the future newly purchased machines for the library will be equipped with Vista.


Anonymous said...

I guess this means that there is no chance I could install this on an older machine at home and have it work properly. Is that correct? It looks like my old clunker of a machine definitely has to go.


Angela said...


I guess it depends on what you use your old machine for… If you are just using it for basic programs, your machine might be ok. But if you are wanting to get new software or graphics programs then you might want to consider getting a newer machine.

Here are the requirements for Microsoft Vista:

Hope that helps!