Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007

Dear Sassy: I have a Google toolbar that suddenly added a button I do not want. The button is for the Rolling Stone website. How do I remove this?
~Gathering no Moss in Shreveport

Dear Gathering:
Glad to hear that you are keeping busy! Sassy had to download Google toolbar in order to assist you with your question. In order to change the settings for the Google toolbar you first need to have your internet browser open. In the Google toolbar there is a search box with a letter "G" and a down arrow. Click on this down arrow and then click on Manage. A new window will open up with some Toolbar options. Click on the Buttons tab. In this window you can add/remove buttons to your toolbar. If you would like to investigate other button options for your Google toolbar, visit this website:

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