Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27, 2007

Dear Sassy: Help!?! I just had a patron call and was unable to view a html/pdf article in PubMed but I could open it just fine on my machine in the library. The patron is located in the BRI and is accessing PubMed through our website. They are getting an "application error" or a request to pay $30 for the article. What is going on?
~Low on Cash

Dear Low: Yikes! Sassy has had two cases of this problem today! Sounds like you asked the patron all the right questions: they are physically located on campus, are accessing PubMed through our website which assures them our subscriptions and you are able to access the article so we know that we haven't lost access to the title. What Sassy suggests is to clean out the cookies (no, not drown yourself in chocolate chips) on the computer. Open up an Internet browser, at the top click on Tools > Internet Options > General and then click on Delete Cookies. This will not do any damage to the machine, unless you spill milk on the keyboard.

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