Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19, 2007

Dear Sassy: Last night a high school patron had a CD that she wanted to access. We were unsure if it would work but she put the CD in the drive and the files opened right up. I thought patrons couldn't use CDs in the computer lab... Did something change?
~Lost in the Lab

Dear Lost: This is an excellent question. Nowadays most people use thumb drives to transport their files, however, there are still people using floppy disks as well as CDs. Most CDs we see today are to install programs. When this type of CD is put in the machine, an error message will pop up and not allow installation of files. Some CDs have programs on them but don't try to install anything to the computer - these run just fine on our computers. Whew!! That is a lot to digest! I guess what Sassy wants you to know, is to put the CD in the machine and try it (Sassy has learned this the hard way). If it works great! If not,the patron will have to install the CD on their own machine.

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