Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1, 2007

Dear Sassy: What is an iPhone? I have heard lots of news about it and the hype surrounding it - but what makes this phone a big deal?

Dear iLost: Sassy is excited that you are current with new technology! You may remember when the iPhone came out, the news station was interviewing all the people waiting in line to get it. The iPhone must be a big deal if that many people are that dedicated to wait in line to purchase one. Here is the Wikipedia link that will give you more information about the iPhone. But basically this is a camera, has Internet capabilities, e-mail, iPod (music), YouTube (video), has a touch screen like a PDA - oh and it is also a phone. :) The iPhone is about the same size as a PDA but offers many more functions. Apple makes the iPhone as well as the iPod. This is a new technology and the cost is high, hopefully the cost will decline as the hype fades.

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