Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007

Dear Sassy: HELP!! I had a patron send several print jobs to the printer over a 4 hour time frame and they are not showing up on the GoPrint server. Where are they? Can we still print them?
~Timing out in the Lab

Dear Timing: Whew! Let me think about this one. Currently GoPrint is set to purge all print documents after an hour, so technically they are gone from GoPrint... We can still print them but it is a tedious process. First, Sassy can print off a list from the GoPrint server of all the inactive (deleted) print jobs. Next, using the computer that the patron was on I can scan through the History of the Internet sites that had been visited. With these two lists (inactive print jobs and history from the computer) we can identify the articles that need to be printed off. This is not an easy task nor is something that you should do alone. If this should happen again, please let Sassy know so that I can help the patron. I am going to change the delay on GoPrint to 5 hours. This way patrons will have up to 5 hours to print their print jobs.


Anonymous said...

You’ll be proud – I actually read the Sassy S. blog today. I have a question about extending the holding time in the print queue to 5 hours. What happens if someone later uses that computer, sends print jobs, and not realizing some on that print queue are not his, selects them to print – the identification is not exactly crystal clear for the documents, especially for some of the people we have at night. Will Allied Services reimburse them for articles they printed that were not theirs?

Angela said...

The patrons need to pay attention to the print job in which they select to print. The print jobs have a time stamp in which they were sent to the printer for easier identification. Auxiliary services will not reimburse them for printing documents that were not theirs.