Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 7, 2007

Dear Sassy: When I open a WORD attachment in my email it shows up in the Reading Layout and I want it to show up in Normal or Print format. I find the Reading format bothersome. I looked at both the Options in Email and Word and can't find why this is defaulting to the Reading Layout. Can you tell me how to fix this????
~No Reading (Layout) for Me Librarian

Dear No Reading: This is a very good question. In fact Sassy's Word documents have been defaulting to the Reading Layout for sometime... and Sassy finds the Reading Layout bothersome as well! So thank you for the question! Open up your Word document through your email just like you have been. This Word document should still be in Reading Layout. In Word click on Tools > Options > General. At the top of this window you should see the option to "Allow starting in Reading Layout" - uncheck this option and OK out of the window. Close your Word document and open it again through your email. It should now open in the Normal format.


Anonymous said...


It works - thank you so much!

~No Reading (Layout) for Me Librarian

Anonymous said...

I hate it too. Do you have to do that for each document you open or does that change the default?

Angela said...

Once you make this change it will be effective until you reverse it. In other words you have successfully changed your default display.